Weeklyreflections 010 – more about sleep

This reflection is elaborating more on the book I am currently reading about sleep – Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.
Highly recommend the book, even if not everything turns out to be true, even if just 50% is true, still mind blowing number of things to take away from it. And I have only read half of it so far!

Recorded at home, in the dark winter night of Scandinavia. (and if you are wondering what that monkey behind me is, then I can tell you: that is a real procrastination monkey I got as a gift from What But Why for being a patreon supporter!)

Weeklyreflection 009

This reflection is the last for 2019, and about three books I read during the year, about different topics all connected to mental health. The first, Hjärnstark, is a Swedish book and about excercise and how that helps with memory and mental wellbeing. The second, Der Ernährungskompass, is a German book about what to eat and what to not eat. And the third, Why We Sleep, is an american / british book about what sleep does for our wellbeing, and how under estimated it is.

All three very interesting books, and gives a lot of insights into how to live a healthy life.

This episode recorded from a lovely sunny Penthouse at Mindpark.

Weeklyreflections 006

The environment and the climate are not always the same thing. Actually, they are quite often contradictions! This draws amongst other things in my experience from when we started Rescued Fruits, but also a lot of other things I have been involved in, such as when we did our new sustainability policy for Mindpark and when I have done blogposts for Nybryggt.nu (such as looking into coffees impact on the environment) – and a lot of discussions and talks with friends.

This episode is recorded at Contentors office.

Weeklyreflections 005

This weeks #weeklyreflection. This time about community building, and some of the aspects I have learned along the way. Especially the importance of letting new members come in.

This subject is of course inspired by Mindparks “best coworking space in the nordics” award we got, but the insights draw on a lot of other things and organisations as well. Things I have been involved in over the years, such as #cphftw, Skåne Startups, YEoS, of course around e-commerce with E-commerce Park of Sweden, and even more. And also things like Borderland, and the communities that evolve around that.

Let me know about feedback.

This week recorded while at a yoga weekend with Taudien Training, at beautiful Torekov Hotel.

Weeklyreflections 004

This weeks reflection is about Social Business Lab – how it all started, and what I learnt from things we did there, and insights from it. Also in the beginning of the vlog I talk about why it is so hard for foreigners to get a job in Sweden – something that has been a recurring theme under all the 4 years we worked with Social Business Lab.

You can read more about the different projects and tests we did over at socialbusinesslab.se/lab/.

Episode recorded on the lovely Penthouse at Mindpark.

Weeklyreflections 003

I continue to experiment with the format – a bit longer this time, mostly as I had too much I wanted to say.

This time about technology and hype, and if that is good or bad. We have had 3D printing, drones, bitcoin and virtual reality – amongst others, just the last 5 years. All of them could be topics of themselves, so one of the reason this vlog is a bit longer. But I explore how hype can affect a technology, and that I see both good things and bad things with that.

Recorded at Mindpark in Helsingborg, during the 3D Printing Hackathon!

Thoughts, and feedback, welcomed!