Shout out from Mad

Wow, I must say, good job Little Brother! This page is even accessible from a developing country (not sure how long I have internet connection though…).

I cant really think of any funny story right now, just wanted to say that I am part of this too…probably giving comments from my whereabouts, which currently is Toliara, Madagascar. We have all the sun you dont have back in Sweden, trust me, my tan is lovely.

Just returned from an unpermuitted holiday on the east coast; the circumcision festival over there only takes place every seventh year and lets face it, I never miss an opportunity to dance. And malgach boys know how to dance! I will get you the facts later, right now I will just say that I stayed a couple of night in a tent and participated in the cleansing ritual, all traditional style and even attending a Jerry Marcoss concert. He is THE star right now in Mad and will be touring France soon, so keep a watch out there.

Dinner time, we are going for a pizza treat, our third night in a row!

Author: Ulrike

Well, never afraid to try stuff and always chating with someone...I am in for late nights, whether it is work or dancing...and I am a morning person too. My favourites include in a non particular order: Muse, Kylie, chocolate, coconut stuff and ice cream.

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