Nordic student for online coffee shop

With (that operates under the brands in Denmark and in Norway) we are looking for a Nordic student for a student-job. You will be working with our e-commerce store and online strategy, focusing on one of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway or Finland.

You should:
– Like coffee
– Be interested in online marketing
– Be interested in e-commerce
– Be fluent in either Danish, Norwegian or Finnish
– Think designing materials such as banners and other visual things is fun

This is a student-trainee role, where you will both work and learn a lot. A perfect job to have during studies.
You need to be able to work at least 10 hours a week. You will get training in things such as online marketing and e-commerce, and about coffee. You will also have the chance for a full time job after your studies.

You will become part of a small team that is focusing on creating a unique online store and knowledge-center for coffee, both digital and sometimes also physical.

The job is located in Helsingborg, Swedens center for e-commerce. But you can work a lot from home as well, as this is a flexible job, but being located in Skåne is seen as an advantage.

Does this job sound interesting for you? Send an CV to me: