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Dear all!

Working at the Embassy of Sweden keeps you busy at all times. I have not yet been able to write any long letters to you – I am currently doing overtime every single day. Good thing than, that Fridays I only work half days. So once I actually do get off, I jump into the pool (necessary, we currently have 32 degrees Celsius) and than have some time for e-mailing.

And since we have Friday today and I managed to get off early enough, here is a short update on my life in Zambia.

I still like it here a lot. There are so many things to see and do and I enjoy every single day. I do get home very exhausted from work, but I also manage to work out (2-3 times per week, either pilates or zumba), eat good food (Ethiopian is waiting for tonight) and hang out with colleagues and the other trainees. Basically, I feel that I am living a “normal” adult life. Without getting paid though and with some restlessness from time to time that there is so much more I would like to do.

Compared to my regular life back in Sweden I do not spend less time in meeting, just in different meetings. I am home by 7pm every day (except weekends maybe) and I get regularly and healthy food (healthy mainly comes from all the yummy, cheap fruits that are available). What I miss is of course all my voluntary engagement. There is not much of that happening here, except that I do try to change the world by working at an Embassy.

As for the fun part, last week we went to the Kariba Dam, Siavonga, in southern Zambia. Right on the border to Zimbabwe. The dam itself, completed in 1960, was highly impressive. Lake Kariba however contained hippos, crocs and bilharzia and was a big no-no for all kinds of swimming. A sunset cruise was the perfect solution then. Otherwise, we hung out in the pool. You can probably not imagine that a pool can be of so much joy. I will probably have become a professional pool-tester by the time I will leave here, as everything evolves around pools (yes, it is very hot here).

Leaving Lusaka, even though it was just for a night, was the perfect getaway. Travelling through the some mountains, seeing people along side the road, by cheap basketry and fruits – that is just what you need when all you do in the weekdays is to sit in an office, stare at your computer screen and inhale the dusty air (it is not less dusty elsewhere, but it still feels more fresh).

Hm, I do feel that this letter is not as inspiring as it should have been. But be all assured that I am very good and that I really have a good time.


Author: Ulrike

Well, never afraid to try stuff and always chating with someone...I am in for late nights, whether it is work or dancing...and I am a morning person too. My favourites include in a non particular order: Muse, Kylie, chocolate, coconut stuff and ice cream.

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