Happy Reunification Day

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As many of you know, Germany celebrated 20 years of reunification on Sunday, October 3. This step, when Germany once again was one country, means a lot to me. I was sad that I did not have the possibility to celebrate it – I was stuck at an Embassy brunch with waffles and a great pool. The day was great anyway, as you may understand. It also turned out that the family we where visiting actually had guinea fowl in their yard. I found that very impressive, coming from the countryside and being used to chicken.

Back to the reunification – as chance wanted it to, the German Embassy here in Lusaka had a formal function. And I was invited along by a colleague. I was stunned. It is a bit overwhelmed to see all bright black, red and yellow flags everywhere and to hear German voices.

After the obligatory speeches by the German Ambassador and the Minister of Tourism and Environment, the Zambian and German anthems where played and then the big mingling started. An Embassy function is not complicated – you just talk to anyone. I immediately went for the buffet, not because I was hungry but because it was actually German. The German restaurant here in Lusaka has catered for the Embassy.

There was Schweinebraten, Geschnitzeltes, Leberkäse and Currywurst a long with Spätzle, Kartoffelsalat and blue cabbage (no clue if that is the most correct name for it in English, as I do think that is should be called red cabbage/Rotkohl/rödkål). Being a vegetarian, I only ate all the potato dishes and the cabbage. And went for the pastry buffet – Apfelstrudel, Schweineohren, Schokokuchen and so much more. Needless to say, I was filled with yummy food when I left.

Also, I made some new contacts. At functions like this, people from all embassies gather and meet. But there are also business people present and, in this case, all people that have some German interests. All in all, it was a very successful reunification dinner. And having access to all this rare food in Zambian was even more successful.


Author: Ulrike

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