X-Files – yes, I do believe

Yesterday, I finally managed to o something hat was planned for a long time: I saw the second X-Files movie. While the plan was to re-watch the entire series before seeing that movie, we decided not to. Reasons for that are:

  • We did not remember which episode that was the last one we saw.
  • It would actually take us 3,87 years to see all episodes, if we would watch one each week. With that speed, we would easily forget everything that happend during the first seasons.
  • We would loose interest in those seasons where first Mulder and then Scully only play minor characters.
  • So, with some ice cream in front of us, we were all set.

    And yes, we enjoyed the movie. Of course, the whole relationshipper-thing, which did surprise us a bit as we had not seen the entire series, could have been skipped. And the story could have been a bit better. But there was still some old X-Files feeling over it and I highly enjoyed both Duchovny and Anderson on the screen.

    In contrast to my brother’s opinion, I would actually see the film again – but I would be sure to be more prepared on the background this time.

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