Zambia it is!

Dear friends, family and well-wishers!

Good news: my life has taken a great step forward. I have been offered an unpaid internship position at the Swedish Embassy in Zambia. This truly is an unique offer and I am happy that I will have the chance to experience not only the African continent again, but also learn more about the official governmental work in Zambia and build relations within the embassy.

This all came very sudden. And today everything became official: As of September 13 I will be in Lusaka, Zambia.

So, my life has now totally changed. I had to cancel all my plans for the fall (and you all know that I of course already was fully booked out) and quickly make new plans. I received the news while on vacation in Geneva – so there was some difficulty in reaching my superior. But now I am back in Sweden and making list after list of things to do, buy and fix before I leave. Like tickets to Zambia, for instance.

Yes, so with this quick update I will leave you. With all the things I have to do, I better get started right away!


Author: Ulrike

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