Business against Ebola

For the past couple of weeks I have been wanting to do something to help the fight agianst Ebola. I have personally not much money however, as I live a rather simple and inexpensive life, so I have not felt I could donate money privately. Last week however, two friends of mine – Ludvig and Mikael, started a great initiative, called business against Ebola (#bizagainstebola). As soon as I heard about it, it became obvious to me that I should donate money to the cause with at least one of the companies I am involved.

So this week Mindpark, the only company I own myself 100 percent, donated to the cause. I am very proud of that. We choose to donate 25 000 SEK, which isn’t extremly much, but still a singificant amount. My personal opinion is that if you donate money to a good cause, you should feel that it might be a little too much – if you don’t feel any doubt, then you are not giving enough. That’s my opinion at least.

You can see more on Mindparks blog about it – We Support Business Against Ebola.

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