9 unexpected rules for an awesome life from TEDxYouth @ Helsingborg

Earlier this year I was asked to give a TED Talk during the TEDxYouth. An event held in Helsingborg, at Dunkers Kulturhus. I wanted to find a theme that I thought could help the audience, both young- and old adults, to find inspiration in life. So I sat down, and looked thru notes I had taken over all the years, about small insights and details that I realised are important. Some things are self-tought, others have come to my realisation thru books or long discussions with smart people.

I boiled it all down to: 9 rules for an awesome life. Watch below (but please endure the first minute of not-so-good introduction, it gets better)

Loved doing the talk, and got nice and very positive respons. Made me, and still makes me, happy.

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