Nybryggt january 2022

Roosa has just made an update for how nybryggt.nu and Service Supply Scandinavia has been during janaury. Here it is:

The poorest month of the year, huh? Not according to our order flow. January was a record month for us, both in terms of order amount and revenue. We topped our previous order record of 919 orders by almost a hundred, reaching a total of 1006 orders.

## Highlights

  • Order + revenue record
  • More orders from Finland (19 (!) compared to 2 in December). We decreased the shipping costs from over 10€ to 6€, so it can be an effect of that
  • We had two School of Coffee courses, of which one was for a new café in Landskrona and the other one a usual one in Stockholm

## Cash

You can find more figures from the Open Financials file, but here is a brief of our January in numbers:

  • 17% = growth compared to the previous year
  • 1006 = amount of orders
  • 559,694 SEK = turnover

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