Service Supply Scandinavia – march 2023 update

Roosa has just made an update for how and Service Supply Scandinavia has been during March. Here it is:

March was a decent month, yet still our second best ever (looking at Nybryggt only). We had a growth of 17% with a result of 27,852 kr. We managed to turn around the trend of decreasing orders, and had now 15% more orders than March last year. We started sending out newsletters to more people, and tried out some package deals and new campaigns. We visited Kahls in Göteborg and learned more about tea.

Looking at the budget, we had a much lower purchase volume of coffee but one big purchase of machines, which balanced out the purchases quite nicely.

We have now also changed our accountant, which should result in less headache and decreased costs.


  • SvD coffee capsule ‘’best i test’’ gave us numerous new customers as we currently selling the #1 capsule of the test (Molinari Rosso pods)
  • Introducing new capsules to the assortment and noticing a general increase in the capsule sales
  • Launch of tea category: we will officially tell about our launch to customers in April, but we have already taken in some tea in our assortment and sold a few packages.
  • Digitalising our accounting


  • Stock-out of one of our best sellers over one week time. The reason we changed to a Swedish distributor here was that we would never run out, so this was a real bummer.


  • Working on getting better payment terms from our foreign distributors to be able to maintain better liquidity.

Café1886 / Zoégas café

We are now finished with the renovation. Hurray! Yet there is still plenty to do as we still have to put all the furniture and decoration in place. But definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

We have an official reopening on the 7th of May, you are obviously all welcome!

The turnover for the month was 184,429 kr. The result of the café is still negative, which is quite reasonable considering the very few sitting places we have had to offer during the renovation. Definitely time to turn that around though, hopefully reaching a positive result in April already.


As usual, you can find more figures from the Open Financials file, but here is a brief of our March in numbers.

  • 17% = growth compared to the previous year
  • 1021 = amount of orders
  • 665,292 kr turnover
  • 27,852 kr result

The café is a separate company now, so it is not included in the numbers above. You can find the cafés finances here

Over and out!


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