A Tana maintenant!


ok, the keyboards here are veeeery tricky, so dont expect a perfect email…I am slowly setting in at Tana right now, things fall into place and I have leanred some malagasy which simplifies life. After two nights at the Manoir Rouge in Ivato I ,oved to Hotel Isoraka in Tana.

The croc farm was very touristic. And I walked there, made many friends on my way because a walking vahaza woman is not often seen. Learned that the sun touches a lot, although is is really cold here, trust me; i freeze at night and walk in long sleeves at day, the sun still gave me an unsyncronised tan…well well

Moved to Tana yestedray, shared a taxi with a guy fro, France and found the hotel. Called a friends friend who just got back to town from Holland and he was fantastic. first we had expensice lunch, he moked me for missing out on the zebu (better thabn goat apperently) and the local rum as well. then he took ,e for a spin in his co,pqny perk cqr, that was great. he currently zork as an engineer on a heavy fuel power plant financed by the dutch and the malagasy state…it was i,presseive; especially as it was the business side of development aid…then we went to la rova, old castle, burned down, bla bla, open yesterday only for the local olympique gqmes…lousy english guide ,y french actually worked far better. we then thought of staying until it got dark and watch the fire works, but grew tired and decided to leave. and made one mistake whiwh cost us the night- took a wrong turn got stuck in a s,all alley because everybody wanted to see the fireworks and well…had to stay. bought so, cracky kethcup chips and water; chris went for the broschetta (grillspett; schaschlik or just barbecued meet on a stick) and beer. had a lovely ti,e with 1 hour of fireworks…talked to a lot of people, held up a lot of children so that they could see and actually grew really tired of fireworks…

today; i tried to prolong ,y visa. even harder than in ger,any; trust me. i had to have certificate the la honneur; saying that i am a nice girl, written ,otivation adressed to the minister itself and this and that and 6 photos and ahhhhh…but i called the organisation i a, going to work at and got so,e great help. all i need tomorrow is to see the mayor; go to the ger,an embassy and back to the ,inistry before 10 oclock..great…

there is lots ,ore to say; like i think i ,ust have flown over your head MansVictor but it is getting dark and i need to head home. anyway, i am currently 1 h before sweden/germany, same time as turkey and kenya, 8 hours before shilo i guess qnd ten before vqncouver…

thanks alot also for all the mails, they made me happy!

In Madikasikara

I did arrive safely yesterday in Mad. I am in Ivato right now, the airport
town. Havnt seen much, had breakfast with croissant chocolate (I am going to
become fat!) and slept in a nice room without isolation and which reminded
me off the alps…

I will write more when I am in Tana (tomorrow or so) cause this costs me
more than a fortune. I am off to theonly torist attraction here: croc farm.

Take care all!