How to stay healthy?

Being involved in Wellbefy has the advantage of being surrounded by people with a passion for health. Because of this, I have gotten plenty of recommendations for different books and reports. Currently I am reading (listening in one case) two to books on health this winter. First one is Hjärnstark by the psychologist Anders Hansen about the mental benefits of exercise, and how the body can handle stress better if we stress it by exercise. Very healthy to hear and understand better the physiological effects of moving. Second is Der Ernährungs Kompass by Bas Kast, the Science Editor at Tagesspiegel, who set out to really understand how what we eat affects our bodies – and went for a couple of years almost thru all diets and studies regarding food that he could find! A really impressive and nuanced book about how food can by used to loose weight, live healthier and live longer.

Interesting conlcusions so far (not thru them yet)

  • 20 minutes of exercise, preferably running, makes wonders for you mental and hearts health. Everyone should do this, especially if you dont have them time, then is when you need it the most.
  • Eating a pescetarian diet (vegetarian + fish) is probably the best food for our body in the long run. Vegan is also very good. And depends on what fish, as some fish are bad, so not all fish is equal.
  • Fasting or not eating occasionally has most likely a very good effects on the long term health, and can prolong lifespan.

I have myself been running (but not every week, unfortunately) and doing lighter exercise weekly, and follow already a pescetarian diet (but have tried to go to vegetarian + mussels as basic, but eat fish (sushi) every now and then). I will continue with this during 2019, but also make sure to exhaust my body physically at least once a week, and at least 5 days of fasting during the year (not sure if in a row or separate days, any recommendations are highly appreciated)

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