Nybryggt april + may

This post is in english, and written by Roosa who is not responsible for the e-commerce at nybryggt.nu. She is holding up the tradition of sharing how it goes for the e-commerce site.

A little recap for Nybryggt from April/May:

April started very slowly due to Easter but we managed to catch up towards the end – yet still leaving us at 27,6 orders per day on average – below expectations that is. Same continued unfortunately to May – 27.7 orders/day. The good weather is nice but it’s also eating up our orders.

We also saw a decrease in both Danish and Norwegian orders, not really sure why.

April was also the first month that we started sorting out how many companies are buying from us – which seems to be about one per day. There’s a lot of potential there and we are thinking about customizing some packages that are aimed just for companies. Something relevant here would be a payment method that would support monthly charging – something we don’t yet have and don’t know how advanced development it would require from our platform, Wikinggruppen.

We also finally started our first campaign together with Lavazza Sverige. With them we have a common dashboard where we can share all relevant information regarding their products and campaigns.

One big project that has been (and still very much is) undergoing during the past months is the launch of the Finnish website. It’s now been up and running for a couple of weeks, with the name www.kahvipaussi.fi. We’ve started ranking on some keywords such as kahvipavut, kofeiiniton kahvi and lavazza but no proper order flow yet – first order actually came on the last day of May (yay!).

Btw, my tip to anyone launching in Finland is to not use google translation. It works well with some languages but it’s quite bad in Finnish – the inflection of orders is complicated and goes easily wrong. We had ordered some translations from Contentor to begin with, and now I’m continuing myself. It’s very time consuming and it’s hard to know the value of it as we basically don’t yet have any orders flowing in. The next milestone for us will be to get ca. 30 Finnish orders/month.

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