Nybryggt juni

Tänkte det var dags för Junis uppdatering för Nybryggt från Roosa!

June was a quiet month for us. The amount of orders decreased to an average of 21 per day. The amount of B2B orders was the only category that remained the same (29 = 1 per day), whereas the decrease was also visible in the Danish (18) and Norwegian (17) markets. What comes to Finland, we are starting to rank better but only got 2 orders in June.

We first thought the decrease was due to the summer weather, but as the order volumes continued low we’re wondering if there’s something else slowing down the sales. Are we alone in this situation?

We also did an inventory at the warehouse and realised that there was a lot of coffee we don’t sell that had passed its BBD. We created a category where customers could “buy” the expired coffee for free – which was a success. We had coffee worth almost 10,000 kr that we couldn’t sell, which we would have needed to get rid of otherwise. Looking from the sustainability perspective I would call it a great win-win situation ????

Keeping it short this time!

Link to open financials: here

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