Nybryggt.nu september 2021

En uppdatering från Roosa gällande nybryggt.nu

September was generally a good month. We noticed a big increase of B2B customers (49 B2B orders), and even a slight increase in the Finnish orders (the amount of orders/country can even now be found from open financials if that’s of interest to someone).

During the summer our 3PL was forced to change from PostNord to DHL due to a rapid and drastic price increase at PostNord. No bigger issues there, but Fedex/Norway have on the other hand been a struggle. We have had a lot of issues and delays with Fedex over the last few months, which has caused some frustration on our end and of course at the customer end as well.

Another struggle lately has been the new tax regulations in the EU. Our plattform has needed to develop a new function for us for this, so that the taxes are registered correctly in Fortnox for each country.

One global phenomenon in the coffee branch is that coffee prices have seen a drastic increase, which we are slowly starting to see with our distributors. Not only have the prices been increasing, but we’re also seeing a shortage of some of our top selling products from several of our distributors, which of course has had an impact on our sales. Then again, not really sure if the customers are replacing their go-to product to something else when they’re out of stock, or not purchasing at all.

Another more local update for us is that we have bought another company called Fitnessfika, which was officially handed over by to us from the beginning of September. The logistics will be handled through our 3PL from now on, but there are still a lot of factors to be figured out with this new addition to the family.

As usual, the link to open financials can be found here.

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