Talking about community building at IFW15

I was invited as a guest to the Internet Freedom Weekend ’15, held in Gothenburg, to talk about community building. I have never really made a public session about the topic, but it is something I have realized I have worked with a lot – both in my ‘own’ projects, such as Mindpark and CreativeLab, but also as a part of #cphftw and #malmostartups. And I have observed communities and their evolution from the inside, within a wide variety of circumstances, such as Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, Burning Man and Round Table.

So I collected and distilled some wisdom from the last couple of years, into a presentation of 30 minutes. It was filmed, but is not online yet, but I will try to link to it once it is. I think it went OK – always hard to know the first time you present on a topic how to bring it across the best.

Some of the things I talked about where the difference of starting a community with a strong leader, in contrast to a community that has a large ‘buy-in’, not having one leader but many that believe in the same thing. Both are definitely options that can create good communities, but they require different strategies to prosper. A topic that is very interesting for me.

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