Weeklyreflektion 020 – About sustainable investments

My thougts about sustainable investments, after the GROW Invest panel and A Sustainable Tomorrow conference. I am a lot more hopeful now then I was before summer.

Highly recommend watching the panel i moderated during GROW Invest, for perspectives and what poeple both think will happen, but also already are happening.

Weeklyreflection 016 – We need to boost business, but especially sustainable business

Corona has wrecked havoc with the world economy. Governments will need to boost it – but we need to have sustainable businesses in mind for this. We cannot go back to only the old economy, that will cost us to many years.

Recordet at Mindpark in Helsingborg.

Weeklyreflections 012 – conspiracy theories and fascism

In our time, with an easy spread of information, we need to be more vigilant about our own minds. And realize that we can be easily tricked, or exploited, with our own good intentions. Two examples of this are conspiracy theories and fascism – words we have learned are not good, but we need to understand that the concepts are very attractive for us humans. Why is that so? A reflection about that, and would love to hear input from others on it.

Weeklyreflections 011 – Transparency

A new weekly reflections video, related to my year in review (which is written in Swedish unfortunately for those of you that don’t understand it). This weeks topic: transparency, and why I think it is important, as well as different kinds of transparency. Would love to have your input on the topic.

Recorded at Contentors office during the evening.

Perspektiv på Brexit

Av ren hobby har jag följd Brexit relativt nära, främst via Quora, som har många intressanta perspektiv från olika personer, både i Storbritannien och utanför. Vet att många lite har gett upp att förstå hur läget är, och varför. Vill man ha lite inblick, kan jag rekommendera läsa följande svar, som säger rätt mycket på lite olika sätt.

Om Storbritannien lämnar, kan de gå med i EU igen?
Can you realistically see the UK in the next five years activating Article 49 to re-enter the EU? How easy or difficult would it actually be in practice to ‘get back in’?

Ljög de som kampanjade för att lämna EU?
Was the entire Brexit campaign based on lies?

Att visa ser detta som Tyskland vs Storbritannien, och freden i Europa
Is it true that because of Brexit Germany has won the peace?

Är det EU som är hård och taskig?
Why are the EU making negotiating hard for Theresa May? Can any compromises be made?

Why does it seem like Britain is accepting ridiculous terms from Europe for Brexit? It seems like Europe is being very aggressive and Britain is simply laying down like an injured puppy. I may be wrong, but this is my perception of the issue.

Vad blir effekterna av en ”hård Brexit” om förhandlingarna in löses?
Do people realise the effect a hard Brexit could have on the UK economy?

Why is Westminster so afraid of a no deal Brexit, as if the UK has never existed without the EU?

Vad skulle man kunnat göra annorlunda?
If you were the Prime Minister of UK, what would you do about Brexit?

Vad tycker man i Europa om Brexit?
What do Europeans think of UK’s vote to postpone Brexit?

Och så klart, humor